16 de novembro de 2008

Hurting again

Sometimes I wish I would hit my head somewhere and get some kind of parcial amnesia so that I could forget about your existence...

It feels good to hear from you, to be in touch with you, but sometimes it hurts so badly the thought of you not caring about me at all!!

It would feel so good to think that I left some kind of track of me in you. It would feel so good to feel that you nurture some tenderness when you think of me...

I love you so much and I hate you so much!!

Why couldn't we be together?!
Why couldn't we make the most of our time?!
Why did you leave me all alone??!
Why did you leave me with all these feelings to be given?!
Why did you enter my life like this?!
And why did you walk out of my life like you did?!...

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